Hoppmosse 1452 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

HOPPMOSSE Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it turns into a bunch of happy-go-lucky piglets skipping along a feathery moss. Surrounded by ferns and an entire forest of marvellous treasures.Show collection Wonderland

Lilleby Wallp. 2655 - Lilleby - Boråstapeter

Wallpaper from the collection Lilleby in the colour Beige, Red and pattern Small scale patterns.

Flyttfrö 1479 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

Flyttfrö wallpaper from Boråstapeter, collection Wonderland

Mårdgömma 1470 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

MÅRDGÖMMA With nature as a backdrop you might just catch a glimpse of their silhouettes. The wild animals of the forest hiding quietly behind a camouflage of stars. Small becomes bigger and the monstrous gets new, smaller dimensions.

Koralläng 1460 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

Korallang Wallpaper from the Borastapeter Wonderland Collection, with animals amongst a seascape of coral and plants, in pale yellow, green and dark brown.

Amorina 1771 - Scandinavian Designers II - Boråstapeter

Borastapeter - Scandinavian Designers II - Amorina 1770 by Viola Gråsten.

Koralläng 1461 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

Buy Hanna Werning Korallang 1461 from the extensive range of Borastapeter at Select Wallpaper.


Scandinavian Designers - Boråstapeter Wallpapers - A beautiful stylised design of ceramic work and billowing bulb shapes.

Vertigo 1774 - Scandinavian Designers II - Boråstapeter

Scandinavian design wallpaper Vertigo from collection by Borastapeter and Eco Wallpaper

Amorina 1772 - Scandinavian Designers II - Boråstapeter

Brewster Home Fashions Scandinavian Designers II Amorina Leaf x Wallpaper Roll Color: Brown

Bjärka Säby

In Consul Oscar Ekman acquires Bjärka Säby, a spectacular manor located in Östergötland.