Chicken Coop. I would make their yard a wee bit bigger, but this is a perfect chicken coop!

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chicken coop idea

Combination Garden Shed Hen House

inside chicken coop pictures - Bing Images would make the roost so you can pick it up and clean the droppings up

DIY Project! Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder for Chickens :::

Bet i could make sometjing like this! Peck-It-Clean Veggie Feeder for Chickens 10 x 16 par TheGardenCoop

DIY Awesome chicken coop plans, cool homesteading projects to make! |

36 Chicken Coop Designs and Ideas

Great Idea for nesting boxes! Free branches as a perch to access the box, and a heavy slope so the chickens can't poop on the top of the box. Clean and Functional // 37 Chicken Coop Ideas

homemade chicken coops ideas | best design for chicken coop

(sliding plastic trays) a great idea for nesting boxes, you can just pull them out and dump Totally redoing my nest boxes now. what a great idea!

how to use chickens in the garden-- love this list of practical ideas that will save me time!

8 Ways to Use Chickens in the Garden

There are some useful tips here for me to let my chickens enhance my garden past just the use of their poop!