Rupi kaur

You do spend just as many hours in my head. I wish there were more hours in the day so you could be there longer :)

Tell Me by Lang Leav

langleav: “ More poetry and prose by Lang Leav here ”


i've had that feeling time or two.Well that was a shit idea!

Holy shit this. Every word.

I was there. Always almost. NOW I can say never again. You can too. Don’t settle for “almost”.

Always almost. NOW I can say never again. Don't settle for "almost". Sums it all up

sylvia plath #2


Reality shivers with the cold, and my heart shivers with the memories of You.

Newspaper blackout poetry

Austin Kleon creates poetry by blanking out words from books, newspapers, horoscopes. This one is 'Overheard on the Titanic: I mean, yes, we’re sinking … but the music is exceptional' Beautiful.

In a room full of art I'd still stare at you.

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote you make me happy. you make me sad.

Magnolior, Bodil Malmsten.

Magnolior, Bodil Malmsten.

Jag är en skog. I en vas. [Waldersten]

In einer Vase.

Kerstin Thorvall

Kerstin Thorvall

Markus Krunegård

Markus Krunegård


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a dystopian novel about the role of women in a totalitarian state. It's also one of the best books ever written.

Bodil Malmsten

Bodil Malmsten

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För hjärtat är livet enkelt.

For the heart 's life simple it strikes as long as it can . Then it stops .