Repurpose a fallen tree into the ultimate bike stand!

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Repurpose a fallen tree into a bike stand - brilliant idea! We have bikes, we have a felled tree trunk still lying in the garden, we have a new bike rack!

Best bike rack ever

onthebounce: Cargo Bike and Beer: Awesome combination. (Not that I’m advocating drunken cycling, mind you!

The orange Tequila Sunrise and green Eye Candy bicycles were handmade by Jason Batters design. It is made of fiberglass, white stripes on orange types and red tinge on the green ones. The design is similar to motorcycle so as the paint work, great one for motorcycle fans to exercise in the morning.

The Green Eye Candy and the Orange Tequila Sunrise are two revolutionary ideas by Jason Battersby. Certainly a class apart from the crowd, the two maverick

How to Finish a 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race

How to Finish a 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race

ABSA Cape Epic mountain bike race, Cape Town, South Africa. I'm going to do this someday soon...

2012 Absa Cape Epic: Incredible Race Photos