Shade gardens, rock gardens, interesting rock integration into gardens/containers

River Rock garden walk/ love it. Next house has to have a spot for a large flower garden w some sort of path.would love to do river rock

stacked rocks

Unique Garden Art

Get some stones to put in an area for rock sculpture. Rock cairn from Carla Smart. Relaxing garden art to make with found rocks, stones, pebbles etc.

Grønne fingrer!

Grønne fingrer! (Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika)

Romantic garden bench.

11 Do It Yourself Pergola Ideas

Arbor, swing, and fence, Yes this is eactly what I want for my Grape vines three different Table Grapes. Arbor in an L shape. My honey can do it, and I love being at his side hands on. This would be a Great project.


"We borrowed the Japanese technique of using large stepping stones as both a stable walking surface and a way to focus attention on the journey, rather than the destination, keeping energy in the tiny garden.

There are many ways to use gabions on the homestead as they are a really simple structure to build. An assortment of gabion ideas and projects can be done.

Raised bed gardening offers a litany of advantages for the novice and experienced gardeners alike.