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Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto's "soft sculpture" called Celula Nave. I want this as a bed in my home.

(Erneste Neto, There is Nothing Else to Be Seen, but the World Não há nada para ser visto, a não ser o mundo Initially I wanted to research interactive installation art pieces that I found particularly interesting that related to the subject of play.

Ottoia_teeth.jpg (300×200)

Ottoia prolifica-Toothy 'Penis Worm' from Cambrian Period Discovered

Stanley Roy informa: Rapex, un condón antiviolación para mujeres

The RAPEX . The words of a rape victim - "If only I had teeth down there" - have inspired the design of a new anti-rape device.

Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants ~ UNUSUAL THINGs

This is a Hydnora Africana plant. The plant grows underground, except for a fleshy flower that emerges above ground and emits an odor of feces to attract its natural pollinators, dung beetles, and carrion beetles.

New carnivorous plant named for H.R. Giger is beautiful (in a vagina dentata kind of way) | Dangerous Minds

New carnivorous plant named for H. Giger is beautiful (in a vagina dentata kind of way)