Cute painted rocks!!! Love the expressions!!! :)

The Barbapapas make a great DIY toy project - little kids can look for smooth stones and help paint the background color. Mom can add the faces later. This project is easy and a great toy!

Hopscotch. Paint the stepping stones in back yard.

Hopscotch is a lot of fun especially when the kids can paint the stones inyourback yard.

Great idea!!! Tape has to be way more secure for my kiddos, but still a great idea!

Sticky tape Could just be one of the greatest ideas ever! No more broken tape dispensers! Just be! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life.

Bilgarage av toarullar

49 Clever Storage Solutions For Living With Kids

Could totally do toilet paper rolls and a suit case with how many cars bub ha. THIS IS OUR FAVORITE OF THE DAY! Toilet tissue rolls and a shoe box make a Hot Wheels garage!

Create a class garden by measuring students' heights using yarn, then placing a flower at the top!

Math wall---"How Tall am I?" Flower Sprouts with the kids' names on the flowers. This would be great as a beginning and end of the year activity! I can just imagine how much the kids would giggle over their comparisons :-)

LEGO wallpaper

49 Clever Storage Solutions For Living With Kids

Why does this have to be for a boy! Another Pinner: "Super fun idea for a little boy's room! My brother was super in Legos as a kid -- perhaps they should do this in Corin's room?


4 Bean Chili

Children's market stand using a shelf and PVC pipe for the awning. Cute for a play room idea! Could move the play kitchen near this too.