Charts good for either cross-stitch or filet crochet ~~ The bottom ones would look nice as filet crochet insert or edging ~~ imgbox - fast, simple image host

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Mustrilaegas: AA Kirjatud kudumid / Patterned knits

Naiste kudumi muster ( a pattern for women ) Meeste kudumi muster ( a pattern for men ) Allikas /Source : Eesti Naine, aug.

Ravelry: Dödergöks tvåändsstickade vante pattern by Erika Guselius

Dödergöks Tvåändsstickade Vante pattern by Erika Guselius

Lappone: Twined Knitting projects 2009-2010 (tvåändsstickning)

Twined Mittens - Grey These are mittens in the traditional way. The yarn is z-plied wool from Kampes.

stickat och vrickat: tvåändsstickning

stickat och vrickat: tvåändsstickning

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