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Simple built-in to create a mudroom and/or storage anywhere from an entry, to kids room or in a laundry room by adding shelves or a deeper bench for sitting. Put drawers under bench or have the seat lift up to store things.

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coat rack from upcycled vintage skis. (by Dishfunctional Designs: Hold It Right There! Creative Coat Racks & Hooks) makes me think of my friend dawn!

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Run–don't walk–to your nearest contractor, cabinet maker or handy family member and ask–nay, beg–to have one of these seriously smart solutions built into the storage around your home. Related Video: 3 Storage Tips from Professional Organizer Fay Wolf

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Keep your charging station in a kitchen or nightstand drawer, just by drilling some holes. Household tip for a DIY home project idea to organize and tidying up your electronic devices charging area

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Scrapbooking/Papercrafting Central!  I am limited on closet space so this is exactly the idea I am looking for.  And, it can all closed up when not in use...priceless idea : )  Thank you to Creating Keepsakes for this idea. - http://www.familjeliv.se/?http://njae425509.blarg.se/amzn/ogvq301926

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use.priceless idea : ) Now I just need an old TV armoire

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Discover easy and unique ideas for home, decor, beauty, food, kids etc. Try the best inspiration from a list of ideas which suits your requirement.

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We are at our little cottage in Dalarna and we are fixing it up. So we are able to use it even in the winter. (Dalarna is in th middle& of Sweden. To me and Jenny it’s north but Sweden is a very tall country so I guess we are not even in the middle).

Tålamodspåsen: Kavelfrans

Tålamodspåsen: Kavelfrans

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IMG_7856.JPG (600×669)