29 Ways to Stay Creative. It might've been better titled 29 Ways to Improve Your Writing or something like that. creativity inspiring to me but they're still good ideas. Except i won't drink coffee

guys with long hair - Best Beard Men - Board at Pinterest: search for pinner "Jochen Wojtas"

Longer hair for men has become mainstream and with it came the man bun. What is a man bun? Well, it& a cool alternative to the ponytail for pulling long hair up and back. A bun it


Paper Bow Template for some super easy gift wrapper crafting, or you could use this same template on some ribbon and make bows to go on ornaments to give to your big or little! Make out of ribbon for a little girls bow.

thatkindofwoman:    Your ‘Oh My’ guy of the day.   lovingmalemodels:    Maximiliano Patane      Holy shit this man is attractive.

One of the most popular hair lengths for men is the medium length hair. This is because medium length hair are extremely versatile and you can style them to

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Inspiration for Navarro in Corazon (Caio Vaz, Brasilian Surfer and model)