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18th Century Southern Frontiersman

J.P. Hackney

Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply

Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply, Superb Crafstmanship

What's In Your Bag, Brian Barker?

Here is an outfit I am sending to a customer. I made him a rifle earlier this year and he ask me to make a pouch and horn set for him. I sent some photo's of horns and bags that I had made along with a photo of my personal outfit. Well as usual he wanted my horn and bag. I had already sold most of my stuff off so I had to make some new things to put in and make it complete. Now I wonder how long it will take me to get another set made. Copy and photos supplied by Brian Barker.


Around the Web: "What's in Your Bag, Eric Ewing?" Post

Eric Ewing has a "What's in Your Bag" post on his blog here. Photo supplied by Eric Ewing.

Pre-Rev War Lancaster Rifle

Shawn Webster Quilled Knife Sheath with a Max Soaper Knife

Photographed at the 2012 Lake Cumberland Show by Jan Riser.

Ian Pratt Rifle

All wrought iron barrel and hardware. A couple of the photos are near duplicates but with different color from different lighting, but here...

Early Virginia Style Pistol - Williams Flintlocks

This is a sample of a Virginia made pistol typical of makers from Virginia 1765-1775.

The Golden Rifle: Part 2


Early Virginia Rifle by Lowell Haarer

This .50 caliber Early Virginia rifle has a Rice 42 inch swamped barrel and a Chamber Deluxe Siler lock. The Virginia style buttplate and triggerguard are castings, but the patchbox, toeplate, sideplate and rod pipes are all handmade. The pewter muzzlecap was formed in place. The metal engraving was done by hand with hammer and graver. The silver wire sets off the forearm with a nice touch. The silver wire cross sets off the pierced heart in the patchbox and also makes a statement of faith…

Happy Groundhog’s Day

Happy Groundhog’s Day. Just want to take a moment and salute the critter to whom I owe much of my inspiration to, the woodchuck. May winter be short!

Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle from a Kit

Southern Mountain Rifle Kit made and finished by Jim. Plain maple with dark finish, grease hole added.