Jens Bryner

Jens Bryner

Sundsvall, Sweden / Curious and social, friendly and aggressive. Single and living with my Border Collie Heia. Anything else? Ask me!
Fler idéer från Jens

JR has been busy in Germany where he completed several new pieces on the streets of Berlin.

"Graffiti has come along way from tagging/bombing trains from NY. Gotta love artist for sharing their talents and imagination with the world for everyone to see." ---> not my words, but they are beautiful!

Paris 2 - rue mandar - street art - bansky. #graffiti #urbanart #arteurbana #streetart #grafite

"Street art | Mural by Keymi" creepy but very cool.

Banksy riffing on Magritte. #streetart #banksy

A tree house restaurant in New Zealand, must go! - Remember this place ☛

Agora Tower (concept art) under construction in Taipei, Taiwan (2016 completion date) • design / photo: Vincent Callebaut Architectures on Dezeen


This concept house is incredible, I want one! Checkout the link it has more concept pictures and the layout. Primeval Symbiosis (Single Pole House) is an architectural design project by architecture student and interior designer Konrad Wójcik that s...

‘the ring house & atelier’ by marwan zgheib platinum A’ architecture, building and urban design award winner, 2013-2014