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A perfect weekend project to add extra farmhouse charm- Paint! Modern Farm House Colors inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper. Fill your home with this color palette to achieve a soft welcoming farmhouse look.

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Eucalyptus essential oil is anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, deodorizing and acts as an decongestant. Eucalyptus oil also helps with muscle fatigue, pain relief and

diy mirror cube using IKEA LOTS

It wasn’t to hard to figure out from the “I spy a DIY”-post what this weeks DIY would be, right? A DIY Mirror cube. ♦ Of course you can build a wood fr

Byggfabrikens färgskala för naturlig väggfärg - utan plast, synteter och petrokemi. Colorchart for natural emulsion wallpaint.


Såhär förvandlar du enkelt dina IKEA möbler till riktigt snygg inredning. Med enkla medel som inte kostar så mycket.

Såhär gör du om dina IKEAmöbler - 5 grymma hacks

Ikea Hack: Turn A Boring Chair Into A Glam Piece // Today I want to share with you a cool and easy-to-make ikea hack. I will show how I gave a sophisticated and glamorous touch to a boring and simple chair.


DINING OR DEN Eucalyptus polyanthemos - Silver Dollar Tree. I would love to have this tree. :) Smells great and I would constantly use in a vase

Hänger på trenden med fotsie! Älskar hallgolvet, är då glad att vi valde detta…

Hänger på trenden med fotsie! Älskar hallgolvet, är då glad att vi valde detta…

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Coem produces tiles and ceramics for indoor and outdoor flooring, as well as wood, marble and stone effect porcelain stoneware wall tiling: high technological content, Italian design and manufacturing using environmentally friendly production methods.