IKEA - VIDGA, Corner room divider, The fixture is easy to mount on the ceiling – only one screw is needed.The rail can be cut to the desired length with a hacksaw.You can use the included connectors to extend the rail for a longer solution.

VIDGA Corner room divider, white

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Create a lazy susan to use the space which you have. You could also maximize floor space by buying taller furniture, instead of wide, low-to-the-ground alternatives.

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my chair!Create a cozy corner in your bedroom with a comfortable chair, a soft throw, and a place to set a warm drink - the ideal spot for meeting your favorite novel for a date.

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One-room apartments are very challenging in terms of interior design and décor. Because there’s such a tiny space to work with in the first place, the designer has to be ingenious and to find ways to save space.

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Single duvet cover set in cotton fabric with a printed pattern. Duvet cover fastens at foot end with concealed metal snap fasteners.