She Lost Her Brother To An Overdose But What She Wrote In Her School Assignment Is Heartbreaking.

She Lost Her Brother To An Overdose But What She Wrote In Her School Assignment Is Heartbreaking. family awareness drugs sad story stories heart breaking sad stories>>GUYS SHARE THIS PLEASE

Telling a depressed person to be happy is like telling a cancer patient to cure themselves.

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11 Things To Stop Shaming People For

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not brought on by choice. You are not "crazy" for having depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, anxiety, etc. Erase the stigma of mental illness. And don't be ashamed to get help.

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Suicide and the Selfishness Stigma

The word caught your attention, didn't it? The truth is, suicide catches everyone's attention. Its the actions leading up to suicide that go unnoticed.

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