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A Week-by-Week Premature Baby Guide- 23 Weeks through 25 Weeks Gestation: Baby Liam born at 25 weeks

Learn about the fetal development of a premature baby week by week, including unique milestones, features, and health issues that may arise.

Placenta Previa. Painless, bright red bleeding, usually after 28 weeks or at onset of birth

Placenta previa isn’t generally something that is a concern in the western world, since prenatal ultrasounds are common practice, but in areas of the world where they’re not, it can be …

Doctors Gates: McRoberts Maneuver for Shoulder Dystocia

Answer: B This mother in active labor has shoulder dystocia . Although various risk factors have been proposed (maternal diabetes mellitus, late gestational age, precipitous delivery), shoulder.

Ninety percent of all postpartum hemorrhages are caused by uterine atony-that is, failure of the uterine muscles to contract normally after the baby and placenta are delivered. The blood vessels supplying the placenta during pregnancy are severed when the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus. The bleeding that results from these severed vessels normally stops when the uterus contracts, compressing the vessels. However, if the uterus doesnt contract enough, the bleeding can…

Atony of the uterus is a pregnancy complication. It occurs when the uterus doesn't contract after the delivery, and it can lead to postpartum hemorrhage.

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Awesome Explanation of labor!! http://www.elsevierhealth.com.au/Nursing/specialty/book/9780702044762/Physiology-in-Childbearing-With-Anatomy-and-Related-Biosciences/

The effective Labour Contraction: explains how being in a comfortable environment among other factors increases oxytocin release vs. being in an uncomfortable environment, feeling like you are being watched etc actually inhibits it's release.