Weihnachten Mehr

I love these paper snowflake patterns! I'm thinking of cutting them into freezer paper, ironing them onto a t-shirt and painting all around them.

Jag skulle kunna äta hur många bitar som helst av den här syrliga #hallontryffeln. Sån himla tur att den är superlätt att göra! Receptet finns på bloggen, direktlänk i profilen. #påsk #påskgodis #choklad #hallon #tryffel #easter #raspberry #truffle #raspberrytruffles #foodpic #foodblog

Raspberry truffles with white chocolate. Sweet, tart and utterly delicious! Preparation time is only about 15 minutes and they set in the fridge over night!

SAWEET Gingerbread House!

This gingerbread house has such immaculate finishing touches: lantern (gumdrop and black royal icing), wood pile (pretzels), icicles, wreath and trees (sprinkled with confectioners sugar).

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