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Here at Apartment Therapy, we're huge proponents of the landing strip—having a dedicated "clutter filter" in the entryway can make your whole home more organized

Here is the before picture. Not something I would want in my house. Here is how you get to the “after”. Instructions: Find a cheap mirror from any discount store. If it is framed, remove the frame and backing leaving only the mirror. The picket fence slats are rough-cut which gives them more …

What Began As Cheap Mirror From Walmart Ended Up The Fairest of Them All - Page 2 of 2

I really love mirrors. Not only do they open up a room and make a space look bigger, they also bring light into the room especially if opposite a light source, like a window! For this frugal farmhouse idea, find the cheapest mirror you can and personalize

Light colored standards and brackets, another idea for living room shelving.

Elfa: High, Medium, & Low: The Best Sources for Wall Mounted Shelving — Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide

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Even the tiniest eat-in kitchen nooks deserve to be treated like any fine dining area. Complete with In this space, the table and chairs mimic the black, white and raw wood tones in the frame designs.