DIY project idea: upcycle old tin cans in to a beautiful container for your utensils

DIY utensil holder project idea: upcycle old tin cans in to a beautiful container for your utensils

A helpful yet simple DIY for spring gardeners.

Use a heated needle to make pinprick holes in the cap. Voila - a recycled watering bottle! I have a bottle I'm gong to do this with for our outdoor water play. I hope the kids like it!

Soup can bird feeders. Cute for recycling! And a kids craft. So many possibilities

Earth Day is drawing near, and DIY bird feeders are a great project for you and your kids to get closer to nature. Try one of these 9 eco-friendly DIY bird feeders!

How-To: Cat Tent from a T-Shirt "it only takes a few minutes so if your cat ignores it you didn't waste much effort"

How-To: Cat Tent from a T-Shirt

DIY cat tent Make a simple DIY pop up tent for your cats with just a t-shirt, coat hangers and some cardboard! DIY cat tent instructions on Instructables.

If the idea of it's weight poses a fire hazard  then set it on the counter, but use the pocket to hold the chord when it's in the drawer! THAT would still be cute AND functional, especially with a different color pocket for each chord because they all look alike to me! I hate reaching into the drawer to pull out MY chord and having it being tangled with the other half-dozen that are in there. If each chord had it's OWN pocket my drawer would be neater!!!

Use your old jeans pocket for a cell phone charging holder!just use a phone case that has a strap.

Recycled Trampoline Hanging Bed! • Turn those old backyard trampolines into luxurious Hanging Garden Beds!

How many of us parents have old trampolines laying in our backyard, unused and wasting away? How about using your old trampoline and recycle it into a hanging garden bed for your porch or.

A rather aesthetic upcycle idea

repurposed tire planter - I will so do this with the old tire swing under the Live Oak tree - something that loves shade.