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Typographic Quote, Printable File, Vintage Retro Poster - I'm not perfect but i'm limited edition

All girls think that they have too be perfect. But remember that there are only one of you in the wole white world.

De finns i allafall inte i Finland-This quote is actually Swedish

"Good boys exist behind every corner said God while he laughed and made Earth round"

så det så.

Kommer ihåg när alla hade det här citatet i sin insta bio xD

Haha Lasse Åberg.

"If you walk fast and smile lots, then no one will notice that you are ugly" (rough translation.

"gurkor med ångest" The human consist of 70% water. We are basically cucumbers with anxiety.

Vi är i princip bara gurkor med ångest.

kaosihjartat:  word

text, svenska and kärlek image on We Heart It

I want late summer nights, sun-bleached hair, cold drinks, loud music, long sleepy mornings, evening swims in the ocean, tanned legs and you. I want you, too (such a beautiful poem)

I want late summer nights, sun-bleached hair, cold drinks, loud music, long…

Haha! ( Cottage cheese is minced meat of Moomin trolls! )

"Cottage cheese is minced meat of Moomin trolls"


I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry

Mia-Lee och jag har ungefär samma livsfilosofi.

What are you doing in 20 years? Moa-LEE, five years - I'm home, laying on the sofa and eating some food.

Closed Sign for a Shop, a Door or a Window:    "Stängt på grund av ALLT!"  -                      "Closed because of EVERYTHING!"

Photo by waldersten -closed because of everything.

Om det inte finns choklad i himlen vill jag inte dit.

Det hade varit ett plus

Man kan ju alltid hoppas.

"Jag ska sparka dig i skrevet så du får fula barn.