docked tones

Docked Tones - my special palette of blue gray and mushroom. I'm going to paint cabinets light tan, the floor is grey marble'ish tile, the walls opposite are dark beige and stormy blue. Like colours for house inside


suelo laminado blanco muebles de ikea inspiración casas estilo sueco decoración estilo nórdico diseño de interiores decoración escandinava d.

INTERIOR-STYLIST EMMA HOS - How was your weekend, lovelies? I didn’t spend much time at home but I’m coming up with some home inspo anyway… this time with the beautiful work of interior stylist Emma.

Hallen är målad i en gråbeige färg från Flamant som matchas med ­mattor från Åhléns. ­Litet avlastni...


In an ideal world, an entryway has a doormat to wipe shoes on, a shoe rack or cabinet, an area to hang jackets, a sorting station for mail, an umbrella stand, and a spot to put your bags, gloves, and scarves. All this stuff can overcrowd a small space, so only apply the full list if you have enough room.

Entryways for Any Apartment

Don't forget those entryways and mudrooms! These shoe cubbies are a great way to display your everyday shoes if you don't want them tracking dirt in past the front door.