Jan Stenmark

Lite fredagskul med Jan Stenmark - A bit of friday fun with Jan Stenmark Some people are too stupid to get depressed.

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Jan Stenmark!

Jan Stenmark (loosely translated: "Instead of wasting my whole summer break on making birch boats, I put sails on the whole damn pine").

mina fnysningar överröstades endast av deras idiotiska livsglädje - jan stenmark

Jan Stenmark "My snorts were drowned out completely by their idiotic exuberance"

"What looks like listlessness and poor posture, can actually be a strong inner pleasure in a new pair of fashionable shoes." Jan Stenmark

jan stenmark --- This is in Swedish and translates roughly to . "What looks like apathy and bad posture might in fact be strongly felt inner happiness over a pair of new and fashionable shoes"

"Instead of one kilo of grapes she bought two. She was hell crazy."

"Instead of one kilo of grapes she bought two. She was hell crazy.