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Hanna Ljungberg

Hanna Ljungberg
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Goat skull tattoo by Otheser Tattoo

Tattoo artist at Sake Tattoo Crew Athens ➕blackworks ➕dotworks ➕geometry - email: otheserstcrew

Before that Natasha had to translate and her and Bucky became friends but it didn't calm him down, so she persuaded Steve into learning Russian with her help.

It was sad but then it got better. I bet Natasha helps Steve learn Russian, and acts as interpreter in times of need :)

stucky headcanons - Google Search

It's like showing me a kitten and then sticking a knife in its back. It hurts. It hurts guys.<<<The single most accurate comment.

it would ge exactly like this                                                                                                                                                                                 More

No you are not writing down that the rest of the avengers are my dependent children <----- XD LOL