wall length shelves + wallpaper... Add a Splash of Color For visual interest, back your shelves with a contrasting wallpaper print or colorful paint. This gorgeous bookcase by Samantha Pynn {decorator, stylist and host and principal designer of Pure Design on HGTV} is backed with Schumacher’s Imperial Trellis by Kelly Wearstler in Charcoal.

Home Styling Shelves, Bookcases and Storage Units. inspiration for how to shelf style.I love the background on those bookshelves.

Boråstapeter – Falsterbo II (via Bloglovin.com )

Boråstapeter – Falsterbo II (Inredningshjälpen)

Boråstapeter, Pigment

Boråstapeter, has recently launched a series of single-coloured wallpapers with a natural, matte finishing, named PIGMENT.