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Girl trys flirting with Charlie: Charlie: "OOOOOO A DRAGON! GOTTA CHASE IT!"

Why should any person who doesn't wish to marry or have a well-known, long relationship have to be asexual?>> they don't have to be, but as an asexual aromantic, I like the idea that Charlie Weasley was.

Ron stood up to a supposed serial killer at 13 years of age after having his leg mauled by said supposed serial killer

Seriously, the Weasleys are freaking badass :: i'm sorry, but no, percy doesn't get to be called badass for doing the bare effing minimum, especially after all he colluded with.

Weasley Winter by ~HumorlessPoppycock on deviantART. I thought, "Wait, there's one missing!" And then I saw the dragon. :)

nathanielemmett: The Weasleys taking a stroll through the snow. Well, except for Charlie — he’s holding on for dear life!