Salvaged metal wheels assembled to create a garden border. (Photos: Linda Oyama Bryan, via @This Old House)

From Bare Yard to Flowery Garden

Old vintage wagon~ tractor wheels. Great garden fence on the farm! There is a house in the country south of us that has a fence around their yard of old rusty wheels. I lust after that fence.


A simple yarn bauble tutorial. Salvage Savvy: Create a Tree Branch Candle Chandelier

Candle stick holder

concrete candlestick idea milk carton box mould ivy decor NOTE Could make openings to fit solar light columns instead of real candles

Concrete candle holders. This looks like could be really easy, just fill a zip lock bag with cement and position the candle. (Great idea for kids to do.) How about adding a little moss to grow on it.

Great use for left over concrete . fill little bags with concrete, seal them up, place a candle on them and leave them to dry.

Om man inte vill ha ett fågelbad...

Make this leaf and then fire in our handmade kiln. It would come out then like Raku firing.

Concrete planter

Polished Concrete Industrial Square Planter Dark Grey with display of string of pearls succulents

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