Garnet Brocade Sedum

Must-Grow New Perennials for 2013

I love sedum! Garnet Brocade Sedum Sedums are a lazy gardener's best friend. The garnet-red flowers don't require deadheading -- they open up in late summer and bloom into fall.

Flowering Forsythia Branches. #terrainflowermarket

Flowering Forsythia Branches

Fresh from the Pacific Coast, our double-flowering forsythia branches bloom with clusters of vivid yellow blossoms. Dropped in a simple vessel, these

Purple coneflower care is simple & flowers abundantly year after year. Requires full sun, but in extremely hot areas does best with afternoon shade. Only other requirement is poor or lean soil. Lush foliage & poor flowering in heavily amended soil.

Coneflower Care – Growing And Planting Purple Coneflower

A native to the eastern U., purple coneflowers are found in many flower gardens. Planting purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) in the garden or flower bed draws bees and butterflies, ensuring that nearby plants have plenty of pollinators.

What a beautiful peony.

Peonies in pale pink

Forget Me Nots

Myosotis -- Forget me nots grow best when planted early in spring in shady areas.