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Don't need it for a bachelorette party, but I like the streamer/ balloon combo. A coordinating color for the middle balloon would make each bunch look like a flower.

Balloons are such a simple and inexpensive party decoration that kid’s love! They’re great for decor and play. I’ve thrown elaborate parties with tons of organized games, only to have the kid’s interest lost in the balloons! Here are some of my favorite balloon decoration ideas.

For any party occasion. Just use washi tape with napkin. So easy and cute!

Such a fun party idea! Copy photos of birthday person and wrap them around napkins, birthday person then tells story of each photo!! Happy 85th birthday Dad!

Rock n' Roll Shower

Hrmmmm.... I think I might make these one for Hendrix's room and one for the kitchen. ❤

I like the banner....couldn't find the "sock hop" stuff on this link

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Diy pvc pipe and spray paint steampunk candle holder

really clever bookend idea