Love this homemade Valentine's Day card For Daddy if The Army Still Has Him On Valentines

I love this for Grandparents Day! Great for people far away. "Blowing lots of kisses your way" handprint cut out with magnet over photo (other magnet on back of card). That gV the recipients can put the handprint, card, or both, on the fridge!

This is basiclly what the men in my family have been using for years to get motor oil off of their hands and out from under their nails except my grandma/mom/me just pour a little of each in their hands and off they go scrubbing. What a great idea to jar it ahead of time then they wont be calling you to come help them!

greenbean's crafterole: HO HO HO HANDSCRUB (also good for getting motor oil off hands and from under fingernails)

Ten DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (for him and her!) | Life as a Leachman

Ten DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts (for him and her!)

This homemade scratch-off card will tell your special someone the date you have planned for them on Valentine's Day. Get the card template, below, and type in your date choices. We help you make the scratch-off material, too


Diy paper heart chain perfect for valentines day or a bedroom decoration