"Hiding from his bath - FAIL." ~ Dog Shaming shame - German Shepherd - If I can't see you. you can't see me. - - Funny Pictures Of The Day – 97 Pics. Our black lab hates bath time too lol!

this is crazy!!

An eye, brain trick. You will enjoy this if you are using the right side of your brain. Stare at this pic carefully and you will see this man turn his face. Share this with your friends if you saw him turn his head.

When you find a guitar pick you lost.--holy heck this is accurate

Where did Gollum from Lord of the Rings get his ring? Well, he went to Jared, of course! Gollum: He went to Jared Related art.


Wine fun fact we all should know. Drinking wine can improve your sex life. Red wine keep us looking younger. Italy is the world’s top producer of wine.

26 Images That Will Break Your Brain

26 Images That Will Break Your Brain. watching it's great///stare at the cross in the middle the whole time

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Wade has fallen for my evil plan.he's in my class - evil toddler


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Funny pictures about Delete Cookies ?, tagged with computer, cookie monster, cookies, delete posted in Gags

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Funny pictures about Friendly game of fetch. Oh, and cool pics about Friendly game of fetch. Also, Friendly game of fetch.