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Hybrid Wold Hybrid: A wolfdog (also called a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid) is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a gray wolf (various Canis lupus subspecies) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The term “wolfdog” is preferred by most of the

The Boss

This "Elephant chasing lions" image is a painting by Daniel Smith, named "Zero Tolerance"

# Baby Aardvark

Baby aardvark - "aardvark" when directly translated means "earth pig"😆


Beautiful wildlife paintings by talented award-winning artist Collin Bogle. These stunning images look like photos. Beautiful Wildlife Paintings by Collin Bogle Image Gallery

Nudibranches, related to the sea slug

Nudibranches, related to the sea slug ~ Out for a sea stroll.

Caiman with a Butterfly on its snout: "Hood Ornament" by Max Waugh Photography


God, I love a good angle. Anyone can take a picture. I feel like this is the only thing left separates photography as an art.


Crown of thorns starfish

The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish is a large nocturnal sea star that preys upon coral polyps. The crown-of-thorns receives it name from venomous thorn-like


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