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Almond Milk

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Green Banana Blueberry Smoothie | add almond milk and peanut butter to make this a balanced breakfast
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Green Banana Blueberry Smoothie — AVE Styles

Healthy eating is part of my new lifestyle since starting my fitness challenge a couple months ago. I would say that 70% of my battle to getting the body that I wanted and feeling good about myself had to do with my diet and what I was putting in my body. As a mom and business woman on the go I re

Coconut Mango Chia Pudding Author: The Peach Kitchen Ingredients 4 tbsp chia seeds 2 cup coconut milk or almond milk 2 tbsp honey 6 tbsp diced ripe mango Directions Stir together all the ingredients in a bowl except mango and mix well. Chill for about 6 hours or overnight. Top with diced mango when ready to serve.

Chia Seeds

WHAT IS IT? Chia seeds (yes, that chia) come from a central American desert plant and have become a trendy food thanks to their nutritional content and intriguing gelatinous properties when mixed with liquid. WHY SHOULD I USE IT? Chia is not the magic weight loss answer some people would like it to be, but that doesn't mean it's not a healthy, whole-grain alternative to processed carbs and a good thing to throw into the mix of what you eat. It makes great pudding, sort of similar to tapioca…

Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes #RunningWIthSpoons- flour-free, no sugar added, low glycemic

Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes | running with spoons

16 reviews
15 minutes

With under 300 calories and 20g of protein for the ENTIRE recipe, these Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes are a great way to start your day!

How to make Almond Milk Ice Cream

Good recipe: The Best Almond Milk Ice Cream

Almond milk ice cream: This delicious icy dessert with almond milk is easily prepared and requires no special knowledge in pastry or cooking. The various ingredients and various cooking utensils to…

Homemade Coffee Creamer! | Easy, Delish & NO CHEMICALS! | For MORE RECIPES please SIGN UP for our FREE NEWSLETTER

Homemade Coffee Creamer! | Nutrition Twins

Nutrition Facts (per 2 tablespoons): 16 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 13 mg sodium, 3 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 1 g protein

Cream of Asparagus Soup - delicious crockpot soup recipe. Easily vegan if you use coconut milk or almond milk
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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Savory and tasty crockpot recipe for asparagus soup. Lovely texture and taste. This gluten free recipe includes mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots and lots of seasonings that make it really tasty.

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FREE 12 Day Green Smoothie E-Course - Green Thickies: Filling Green Smoothie Recipes

Do you want to easily get a stunning, slim, and healthy body with filling green smoothies? Discover how to: Make a delicious filling green smoothie (Green Thickie) that will keep you full for hours and helps you lose weight naturally Get 3 FREE Green Smoothie meal plans to help you lose weight and keep it off. Learn […]

OMGosh a much easier way to make almond milk rather than squeezing out the milk with a cheese cloth  use a juicer yay less messy! How to Make Almond Milk With a Juicer: 11 Steps - wikiHow
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How to Make Almond Milk With a Juicer

How to Make Almond Milk With a Juicer. Almond milk is a protein-rich beverage that is also a popular alternative to dairy or soy milks. Mass produced almond milk contains preservatives and up to 20 g (1.7 tbsp.) of sugar per cup. Homemade...

10 Best Smoothies Recipes - Healthy Drinks With ‘Superfood’ Ingredients
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Raspberry Banana Smoothies and Raspberry Kale Smoothies - Cooking Classy

Smoothies are one of my favorite breakfasts. They come together in a number of minutes and they taste so vibrant and refreshing. Starting your day doesn't

Silk Quinoa Pudding made with Silk @Silk via @PureWow
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Silk Quinoa Pudding | Silk® Plant-Based Recipes

Full of texture and flavor, this pudding is seriously amazing.

energy fruit smoothie recipe  Ingredients: •1 cup of pineapple, peeled and chopped •1 medium orange, peeled •1 cup raspberries •1 medium banana, peeled •1 cup almond milk •1 cup crushed ice
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Energy Boost Fruit Smoothie Recipe - Sober Julie

Today I'm sharing a lovely fruit-filled smoothie recipe which will help you get that energy boost during your day! While you're here check out all of my...

Strawberry Coconut Swirl Shake, Vegan and Gluten-Free, Lusciously Sweet, and Decadently Creamy - From The Glowing Fridge
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Strawberry Coconut Swirl Shake

A delectably sweet and creamy vegan strawberry coconut milkshake with added chia seeds for superfood power.

Vegan French Toast! Simple, healthy and surprisingly similar to traditional french toast!
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Vegan French Toast | Minimalist Baker Recipes

168 reviews
26 minutes

1-bowl, 30-minute vegan french toast made with wholesome, natural ingredients like almond milk, cinnamon and chia seeds.

Peanut butter banana smoothie with almond milk... perfect for breakfast or post-workout
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Meatless Monday: Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Peanut butter banana smoothie with almond milk... perfect for breakfast or post-workout

Brownie Batter Smoothie | This Brownie Batter Smoothie is so simple to make. Your kids will love this one.
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Brownie Batter Smoothie

This Brownie Batter Smoothie is so simple to make. Your kids will love this one. If you share it with them. That's a mighty big if once you taste this!