Agneta and the Sea King” by John Bauer (Source: Flickr / picture-perfect-designs-jewelry)

Melusina Mermaid: "Scandinavian Ballad Stories: Agnes the Merman", Adam Oehlenschläger; "Agneta the Sea King", John Bauer

Tomtar och Troll , John Bauer

Trolls with the changeling they have raised. “Bortbytingarna” from “Bland Tomtar och Troll” illustrated by John Bauer

La produzione artistica di John Bauer lasciò una traccia indelebile nell'illustrazione, nel fantasy e nell'animazione così come le conosciamo.

The Princess and the Troll Sons, from The Boy and the Trolls, by John Bauer. ""Look at them," urged the troll mother. "Look at my sons. Handsomer trolls can't be found this side of the moon. But then of course, they take after their mother.

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John Bauer :"Agneta & the Sea King" (Helena Nyblom) -Swedish Folk Tales