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Courtesy of #bildbyran. Me during a training at the #algarvecup.

Courtesy of #bildbyran. Me during a training at the #algarvecup.

Courtesy of #bildbyran. Me during a training at the #algarvecup.

Courtesy of #bildbyran. Me during a training at the #algarvecup.

awesome cat house

Crazy Cat House -I came across this article about a house in Japan that has been customised for cats. The house features cat walkways that criss cross around the walls and run overhead and cat stairs that allow the cats access to the walkways.


Video posted Monday by the activist group All Out: Russia is in the midst of a violent crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people - fueled by laws that make it a crime to be open about who you.

Pinner stated: "Hey, you're not a cat!"Wonder if our dog would use a cat wheel TOO?? Course she'd have to be able to carry her frisbee on it too!! #dogs #cats #CatWheel

– Small-Medium Breed TreadWheel - We purchased one of these for our cats, and it is SO well built. Worth every penny. To see the cats run like the wind, or jog, or even just saunter along is fun!

▶ homemade DIY cat wheel (and also lightobject) - YouTube

(Cat DIY Projects) I made a catwheel in a inner wall in my appartment and made it also a design light object. Later on in the video you can see my sweet little Cleo (Egyptian Mau) . ** Find out more at the image link.

Cat Wheel. Build bottom of frame and increase size of lip on the wheel for stability.

Keep your cat fit with a treadmill wheel! Draw a circle for the wheel on a piece of plywood, lay a second sheet of plywood under the first, and cut the two sheets into matching circles.

Bengal on the new  cat wheel, great design. #CatWheel #bengal #cats

Cool design - I like that the inner wheel spins inside of the outer wheel, so you don't need an enormous frame encasing it.