Hedvig Haeger

Hedvig Haeger

Hedvig Haeger
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Celt Eros

Simple face painting designs are not hard. Many people think that in order to have a great face painting creation, they have to use complex designs, rather then

DIY beach hair

DIY beachy hair: Mix together 2 cups of warm water, and a tablespoon each of sea salt and coconut oil. Spray on wet hair. Section off hair, twist. Then let it dry and shake it out. Always out of styling products so this could be a glorious thing

NEW MOMMY necklace  gold bar necklace  baby name by MyBelovedAndCo, $49.99

BABY NAME necklace - gold name necklace - silver name necklace - personalized name necklace - nameplate necklace - baby name necklace by MyBelovedAndCo on Etsy

Branch votive holder center piece- this would be so easy to do! And you know we have so much wood between your house and mine! Plus I think this would go well with the whole barn thing.

gold animal magnets

Animal Bust Magnets - easily made using a small hand saw or electric bread knife, use fine grit sandpaper to sand edges, spray paint color (white like Anthropology's ceramic ones) of choice, attach magnet to cut end of animal.