Kryddor trädäck 3

Terrific idea to brink plants right into your deck. This is the perfect place to have plants that can repel mosquitoes like lemongrass and citronella geraniums!

Therese Knutsen |   TV GARDEN DESIGN AT TV2

Nice to have some kind of glass overhang for part of terrace for when it rains.wrong colour,but great idea for light

Natursten - Bohus Kantsten Rustik RV4 - Molnsätra

Natursten - Bohus Kantsten Rustik RV4 - Molnsätra

Cold frame

mini greenhouse, would start plants sooner in the spring and protect from frost. Would also be good to cover short plants to protect from hard rain. It would be even better if the windows either folded flat to the side or came off entirely.