The Shahara Bridge, Yemen #JetsetterCurator

Shaharah bridge - Yemen Shahara bridge buildt to fight turkish invaders. The legend says that the local people can remove the bridge in few minutes in case of imminent danger!

How to make adobe bricks

Build an Adobe Wall

How to Build an Adobe Wall. Adobe is an age-old building material that is easy to make and extremely durable. Adobe structures account for some of the oldest extant buildings on the planet. Adobe buildings also offer significant advantages.

Andrey Remnev - Contemporary Artist - Moscow - June

Russian artist Andrey Remnev, inspired by classical Russian paintings from the to centuries and taking his compositional ideas from Russian Constructivism, creates.

Mosque of Barquq, Cairo, Egypt  Photograph by David Lewis

Mosque of Barquq, Cairo, Egypt Photograph by David Lewis

Textbooks, serie de esculturas realizadas por Li Hongbo.


new york's klein sun gallery presents 'textbooks', a solo exhibition of mixed media installations and sculptures by beijing-based artist li hongbo.

Andrey Remnev

Andrey Remnev Spring - Where he comes from, it's still pretty chilly in spring

Thar Desert thatched roof mud wall brush fence

Thar Desert Story by Joyce Plath