What Kind of Teacher Do You Want? anchor chart to begin year I think this would piggy back nicely with a What Kind of Student Do I Want? anchor chart (They give me what they think I want and I add so in if needed.

A great way to start the year, develop a class mission statement. This anchor chart has 3 parts: Why are we here? What do we need to do well together? How can we make that happen?

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Free LEGO Printables and 70+ LEGO Learning Activities

Does your child like LEGO's? Check out this amazing list of Lego educational links! Free LEGO Printables and LEGO Learning Activities

Teacher Time Savers

You can use task cards for reinforcement, for enrichment, in groups, and more. Learn my recommendations for ways to use task cards in your classroom.

These are simple, fun word problems that you can use with your young children. Use them as oral problems or for independent work by young readers.