The smell of jasmine also lessens feelings of anxiety. No wonder it was so blissful to sit on Grandma’s jasmine-wrapped front porch

The hardy, low maintenance climber star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is well behaved. It has glossy dark green leaves and, from midspring to late summer, is covered in deliciously scented white flowers. its also tolerant of light to medium frost.

Blomlåda med hjul.

It feels wonderful having a beautiful patio or backyard garden, but you still need some privacy on your own home. That's why it's necessary to have an outdoor privacy screen.


Color in shade garden: Astilbes. Gorgeous in shade garden. Complement with hosta, bleeding hearts, primrose, lenten roses, and other shade loving plants.

♕ how completely beautiful these white roses are

The Timber and Stone Retreat is a Wedding Venue in Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia. See photos and contact The Timber and Stone Retreat for a tour.

Aronia berries have been used by Native Americans for generations as meat tenderizers. In Europe they are regarded as the new superfood and are prized for their health benefits. Aronia berries also known as chokeberries are the next big superfood. Containing 67% more antioxidant potential than wild blueberries and 90% more than cranberries. High Levels [...]

Aronia Berry Benefits

Aronia melanocarpa - Black Chokeberry planted 2 not the prettiest shrub around, moved them to the back yard

Pimpinellros, Rosa 'Stanwell Perpetual'

Pimpinellros, Rosa 'Stanwell Perpetual' Blir ca 2 m hög och klarar även norrläge

När man pratar om Rosa rugosa så tänker man kanske först och främst på taggiga, krafiga rosor för stora ytor, pålitliga och bra men inte direkt några skönheter. Sorten Louise Bugnet däremot är mycket…

Stockholms gröna rum - Rosa rugosa ´Louise Bugnet´

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Polygonatum x hybridum, jätterams.