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Farmers Market Hummus

Farmers Market Hummus - your new go-to, healthy, light & easy, perfect for everything from backyard parties to single lady dinners!


Food Styling Beautiful pink garlic / Mónica Isa Pinto Tagalong Cupcakes Triple-Layered Breakfast Apple Sandwich - Shape Magazine 10 foods th.

The most beautiful plum photo I have ever seen - from What Katie Ate Dark, moody food photography

Containing more antioxidants than broccoli, kiwis and even blueberries and with high levels of dietary fiber - artichokes are a true super foods!

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These humble garlic heads were the models du jour. Nice shades of purple, papery skin and what's more, a pungent taste.

homemade crème fraîche with figs, vanilla, blue cheese, hazelnuts and maple

homemade crème fraîche with figs, vanilla, blue cheese, hazelnut & maple

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There is just something very special and therapeutic about making pie. I havent made one in what feels like ages. I have a feeling that this apple season will change that. What's your favorite pie?

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Peitos de frango recheados com ricotta, hortel? e lim?o # Chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta, mint and lemon