Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids! Maybe for older kids give each shape a numerical value and have them add how much their dino is worth. Can use with class to compare/contrast amounts, etc.

Fun & simple dinosaur activity for kids.just prep shapes and leave for kids to pick out what they want to use. read a dinosaur book

Spider girlande

rio tema Halloween - Enfeite de aranha para dia das bruxas - Passo a Passo - PAP - DIY tutorial - How to make spider garland for Halloween

Art project about autumn leaves. For first grade and up. The students learn how…

Autumn Art Activity and Lesson Plan for Kids: Autumn Leaves

draw a leaf with warm colors. background with cool Pastel oil, tempera block paint ans black crayon.

fall leaf egg carton paint craft - I can see this turning into a whole tree…

Painting fall trees with egg cartons in preschool

Painting Fall Trees with Egg Cartons Egg Carton Crafts & Activities, Egg Carton Crafts

Spring Birds Kids Craft

Spring Birds - kindergarten - first grade - painting - art

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