Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different.

Learning to accept things exactly as they are is never easy. One great thing is what we have accepted is now in our conciousness. Now we can make changes that will allow it to be as we want it to be.

Sometimes difficult...but this is another great lesson taught by the kindest person I mother

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I think if we lived by this, our world would be so much better. It is easy to be kind to kind people. It is our work, our calling, our great opportunity to love, to be kind to unkind people.

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It's funny (sad) that the people who swore they'd never hurt you are the ones who hurt you the most! Pain in relationships. Breaking up.


I just love when people think they " got your and know you do well and they are so wrong and delusional it's not worth trying. Always be kind even when no one is looking