Mystic Crystals

Nous avons oublié ce que les pierres, les plantes et les animaux savent toujours.

- ☼ Limhamnie ☼

beautycreek: Spent the whole day harvesting lavender.Love and light!

Aerin Black Agate Coasters, 4-Piece Set

Natural agate edged with gold plating. Size, shape, and color of stone will vary.

Sarcastic old witch. Reasonable answers to witchcraft questions.

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etsycult: The Ultimate Metaphysical and Magical Workings Set by GrayVervain

Roost Amethyst Spheres

Our highest grade amethyst geodes from Brazil are cut and shaped into perfect highly polished spheres. These orbs have dense amethyst crystal pockets of milky white, blue gray, slate and mauve crystal formations, some with pink accents.