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The Chachapoya mummies of Peru

How adorable!

Mama & little baby owl. So cute!

Thats my baby!!! #Animal #Wildworld #Discovery

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses - An/Anu (god) ARTICLE " In heaven he allots functions to other gods, and can increase their status at will; in the Sumerian poem Inana and Ebih (ETCSL 1.3.2), Inana claims that "An has made me terrifying throughout heaven" (l.66). On earth he confers kingship, and his decisions are regarded as unalterable."

Ahuramazda in the Winged Disk. Persepolis, Achaemenid, 486-460 B.C.

Haithabu - spindle whorls

Holger Arbman - Birka I