Planter dividing wall

create a living wall this season: Build a rolling planter. Build a basic rectangle planter, put it on casters, and attach a simple-grid trellis. Design via Bangs Boutique zonder wieltjes als afscheiding tussen tuin/oprit

Gör en egen sittbänk. Inspiration bloggen Lina på landet. Kantstenar och en gammal golvplank.

Best Backyard DIY Projects

Simple Outdoor Bench - made by stacking paver blocks and topping with a salvaged floorboard - via Lina på Landet: Tips!


Retractable Roof Pergola - I've got to get rid of the trailer park patio cover I've got now. This would be perfect! I love the pergola look, but would sometimes want the shade, too.

So many of us think about making mud pies and stews when we reminisce about our childhood. What a fun way to build on that activity and learning.

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

Children love making mud pies and soil soup in our soil kitchen, which includes a natural wood table, four oak seating stumps, four oak slice plates, timber framed soil trough with special blend top-soil that makes digging easy.