There are well-known professionals worth hearing, and watching. Here is Steve Jobs trying to explain what Marketing is about. Funny enough though: this clip have less viewer than the "unknown guy" here beside.

Steve Jobs on marketing. What is it that we stand for

An overview on the topic and a focus on the Marketing Models we use. It is called "Marketing Accenture, Spotify and Vestas". One of my own Prezi-presentations.

An overview on the topic and a focus on the Marketing Models we use. It is called "Marketing Accenture, Groupon and Wind-Mills". One of my own Prezi-presentations.

If interested you can compare this Pinterest-service to the overview on Marketing given here by - Wikipedia. This Pinterest-based "Basic Marketing-service" covers most of the basic topics in Marketing that you will find included in most basic university courses given globally. So, here focus is on the basic terminology, nothing else. Practical experience needed as well as content from advanced courses are not covered by this service (but the Bonus-board highlight possibilities for that).

Each and every business starts with a basic plan. The business plan is a just a coining term for so many wide aspects related to starting of a business.

Customer Experience and how to understand them.

Steve Jobs Insult Response at WWDC He had it so right what he said at And this is a video from from

I myself am not that convinced that "Definitions" will help you understand what marketing is about. The mere idea of "definitions" is taken from the field of Natural Science but Marketing is about Human systems. I find it more convenient to look at examples (found here besides). But still: here is the definition given by the American Marketing Association, AMA - probably one of the the globally most influential association you can find in this field. Just so you know.

American Marketing Association - Marketing Power Research for "Get to the Point(illism)" Indie Project on Art Science and Technology

We live in times where almost everything is possible. Your imagination is most often the limit. If you have an idea for a new product or service - and people tell you "noone will buy it" then ask them to read this story. Bernie Madoff trousers made into iPad covers. Sold with tremendous profit ;-)

Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Bernie Madoff’s Old Pants Get New Life as Limited Edition iPad Cases

Well I needed an introduction pict.

Free Image on Pixabay - Double Doors, Blue, Entrance, Exit

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