DIY Rock Candy Just make sure the sugar stick is dry before you put it in the liquid. Otherwise it falls off and your left with a rock.

How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie. How to tie a necktie. How to tie an Ascot. How to tie a Cravat. How to Tie a Bow Tie The goal is to have the largest collection of necktie .

You go girl.

A little girl in bathing suit with her bike and her dog arrives at the beach only to find a sign that reads "No Dogs, No Bicycles, No Swimming"

no elephants

Funny pictures about No elephants allowed. Oh, and cool pics about No elephants allowed. Also, No elephants allowed photos.

L'humour photographique de LIFE Magazine

L'humour photographique de LIFE Magazine

A funny dog picture with a strong poodle. Leashed to a parking meter this domestic animal says never give up in this humor pic and silly canine photo.


50 Surprising Photos From The Past That Show How Different Life Used To Be: The winner of the 1950 "Miss Atomic Bomb" Pageant

Kaxig reklam från 3M. Ruggigt bra impact! #kommunikation

Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.

Dagens Bilder 2014/05/28

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