Our company, CCC Solutions, is active in all The Nordic and The Baltic countries. We represent solutions from leading companies WW and  are helping our customers to solve sourcing issues.

Our company, CCC Solutions, is active in all The Nordic and The Baltic countries. We represent solutions from leading companies WW and are helping our customers to solve sourcing issues.

Smartmeter - Laplace Instruments, UK  he Model 4 RF Smartmeters are a range of meters that are based on a common core, but have options to provide variations in field strength and/or frequency range. Each Smartmeter includes the meter itself with an LCD readout, an isotropic antenna, miniature tripod, output lead user manual and hard carry case (Kit 1).   Contact Us:

RF fieldmeter for accurate measurements of EMC, environmental monitoring and RF surveys. Isotropic antenna, portable and battery powered.

Pre-Selectors for EMC test - Laplace Instruments, UK  These Pre-Selectors are high specification, switched band filters which track the scanning of the EMC Analyser. Control is via USB link from the Laplace EMCEngineer software supplied with SA1002 and SA3000 analysers.  Contact Us:

An EMC pre-selector for use with EMC analysers covering to Switched ban pass filters with automatic operation and high specification for accurate results

Emissions Reference Source (ERS) - Laplace Instruments, UK  The ERS is a comb generator that radiates RF continuously every 2MHz over the range 30MHz - 1GHz. Each 2MHz peak is precisely measured during the calibration process with the ERS orientated both vertically and horizontally. These measurements are correlated against a 3m OATS such that any fully implemented CISPR16 site, measuring at 3m and using height scanning, will read the same.   Contact Us:

A source of radiated emissions with precisely calibrated output levels as measured on a 'perfect' test site at 3 metres.

LETIS, Laplace Instruments, UK  PA's that are universally used for radiated immunity testing either cover the range below 1GHz or the range above 1GHz. This means that if the test requirement extends both sides of this 1GHz point, the power amplifier needs to be changed over. Genrally, this involves three connections:  - the RF signal from the synthesiser to the PA - the RF output from the PA to the antenna/cell - interlock/standby connections  Contact Us:

An automatic power amplifier changeover unit for use in radiated immunity testing systems.

Test cells (LaplaCell), Laplace Instruments, UK  LaplaCells provide a facility for the rapid and efficient testing of the EMC compliance of products. These cells offer a calibrated and screened environment in which radiated emissions can be measured and immunity to RF radiation can be tested.  They exceed the requirements of IEC61000-4-20, thus affording compliant testing to IEC61000-4-3 and pre-compliance testing for radiated emission testing.  Contact Us:

Compact and fully calibrated EMC test cells for emissions measurements and immunity testing. The LaplaCells are ideal for efficiently and effectively testing the EMC compliance of products.

RF100 Near Field Probe Set - Laplace Instruments, UK  The RF100 probe set consists of a passive E field probe and H field probe, BNC adaptor and carry case. The output is via a BNC socket. These are general purpose probes which are ideal for use in conjunction with an EMC measuring system.  Contact Us:

The probe set consists of an H-field and an E-field probe designed for investigative EMC tasks.

RF Power Amplifiers - Laplace Instruments, UK  These RF amplifiers utilize fully isolated linear MOSFET or advanced GaAs FET devices, which provide high gain, wide dynamic range and excellent third order intercepts. High efficiency and reliable operation are achieved by employing unique RF combining circuits,  Contact Us:

RF power amplifiers for EMC immunity testing

RFIC-4-6 Conducted Immunity Test System - Laplace Instruments, UK  The RFIC system comprises a PC controlled synthesiser unit (the RFIC-4-6), Power Amplifier (RF0250), CDNs to suit the application and a Windows compatible software package.  This system fully complies with IEC61000-4-6.   Contact Us:

Conducted RF immunity test system with Windows software and EUT monitoring.

Ancillaries - Radiated - Laplace Instruments, UK  EMC emissions can be at very low signal levels and pre-amplifiers can help to improve S/N ratio. The low level of emission signals can make them difficult to identify in noisy environments. RF filters are designed to attenuate the major sources of noise, thus making the task of measurement easier.  Contact Us:

Filters, near field probes and preamplifiers designed for EMC compliance test applications.