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EMI EMC Test Antennas : Horn, Dipole, Biconical, Broadband, Log Periodic
Our company, CCC Solutions, is active in all The Nordic and The Baltic countries. We represent solutions from leading companies WW and  are helping our customers to solve sourcing issues.
RF300 Large Loop Antenna - Laplace Instruments, UK  This antenna is specified in EN55015 for the measurement of luminaires. CISPR15 and CISPR16 compliant.Includes all 3 axes with wooden frame and all connecting cables Optional calibration loop as specified in CISPR15/16. Shipped in compact form, ready for assembly on-site. Each antenna is individually calibrated.   Read More: http://www.laplace.co.uk/product/28/  Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
Dielectric Cores  Custom solid and expanded composite cables filled with any number and any combination of microwave cables, twisted pairs, power cables and digital cables.  - Custom coax and triax cables - Custom expanded PTFE dielectric cores - Semi-Rigid cable.  Read More: http://www.iw-microwave.com/html/h_wire.htm  Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
Composite Cables  High performance, high temperature PTFE hookup wire and multi-conductor cables in an unimaginable array of colors, stripes, and subsurface printing and numbering.  Read More: http://www.iw-microwave.com/html/h_wire.htm  Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
Reflex Cable  IW's Re-Flex cables were designed to offer an alternative to standard semi-rigid cables. The unique design of these cables features a laminated PTFE-dielectric, a dual tin alloy foil shield, and a tightly woven copper braid giving it the same leakage characteristics of semi-rigid cables.These cables have the same mechanical dimensions of their semi-rigid counterparts.   Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
APSIN26TP  he APSIN26TP is a high output power, low phase noise, fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 100 kHz up to 26 GHz.  Anapico is a ISO9001:2008 certified technology leader developing and selling advanced test & measurement instruments for a broad range of RF & microwave applications.  Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
Ferrite Circulators, RF Isolators, Coaxial Isolators - Ditom Microwave Inc.  Ka band Isolator Narrowband 27.00 - 31.00 GHz   Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us
AtlanTecRF launches miniature signal generator | 2015-03-11 | Microwave Journal
AtlanTecRF - manufacturer of RF & Microwave equipment and components, with stock:  25 - 6000MHz Full Range Tuning Frequency & Level Control USB or Ethernet Control with GUI Also with RS232 External or Internal (+/-1ppm) Reference Non-Volatile Memory RoHS Compliant  Read More: http://www.atlantecrf.com/products/oscillators/miniature-signal-generator.htm  Contact Us: http://cccsolutions.eu/contact-us