It's All in the Kilt

funny carrying throwing logs inn USA military building , Russian women working carry logs in and meanwhile in Scotland throwing logs for fun

Io non ti sputo che ti profumo, io non ti piscio che ti lavo, io non ti cago che ti inciprio! (Cetto La Qualunque) 18 détournements street art qui vont vous bluffer !

Potty mouth full of lies. What do you call a Muslim president who pretends to be Christian, a saint?

"Get the hell away from me." H/T <a href="

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"Shouldn't we try to find intelligent life on Earth before we try to find it in…

"Shouldn't we try to find intelligent life on Earth before we try to find it in outer space?" by far the smartest thing ever said!

Perfect example of religion

As an atheist looking in from the outside this is what religion looks like. People laughing and disagreeing with one another over their beliefs. As Peter Berger said "All religions cannot be true, so none of them must be true.

Plumbers Crack Camouflage

Plumber's Crack Camouflage ---- OK Mike, here's an idea for company shirts!


30 Most Interesting Ads Funny Ads - You Are Not Here. :) Mondo Pasta: Boat 30 Creative Ads Using Oversized Objects hahaaaa.

27 djur som bara vill ha lite värme. Nummer 14 är ju underbar! | Newsner

I love you, radiator.if you can't have a radiator cover, maybe this is the next best thing?



The Christian hell. The Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans and other nonbelievers always rejected the belief in Jesus as the Messiah, so Jesus has had no choice but to send billions to burn in hell for eternity.

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